The Avisio River

Last spring, we moved from Trento to a small village in the Cembra Valley. Mainly the move was due to get a house with more space for our two dogs. The first part of the valley is heavily used for vineyards due to its gentle slopes. The more remote part of the valley gets very steep and in some spots is very narrow. The valley is run for its entire length by the Avisio river.

Near where I live now, there are several narrow roads leads to the river banks. The place where I took these two images below is near the village of Segonzano. I visit this place the first time because I was looking for a climbing wall near where I live. Some locals told me about this spot near the river. I managed to get to this place and after the climbing session I went around looking for possible shooting opportunities.

At the beginning of this autumn I went down there and I was not disappointed.

Autumn Dream

Autumn Dream - Canon 5D, 17-40f/4, 17mm@f/11, 240 sec ISO 240, with B+W ND 110 Filter. Single exposure double processed.

In the first image, Autumn Dream, I attached a B+W ND 110 filter to lengthen the exposure time. I also scattered some leaves on the rocks.


Rapids - Canon 5D, 17-40f/4, 37mm@f/11, manual blending of 3 exposures at 4 and 2 sec ISO 100 and a third exposure at 0.5 sec ISO 400 for retaining details in the water.

The second image was taken after the previous one. I removed the B+W ND 110 filter and concentrated on the rapids formed by the fast moving water. To retain  details in the water, I took a third exposure at higher ISO setting and I manually blended it to reveal the texture in the rapids.





One Response to “The Avisio River”

  1. Marichal claude Says:

    Superbe gallerie,la photo n°2 est génial.

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