Frozen Shore

Here is a picture taken last year in November. It took me one year to process this. Firstly, because I didn’t have an appropriate display for a correct colour management. Secondly, well sometimes life has different plans for you!

About this picture: this is Carezza lake (Karersee in German), in Alto Adige. I arrived at the lake one hour before sunset. So I had all the time to set up my tripod. The beautiful mountains in the background are called Latemar Group. Unfortunately, this view is taken on their North face meaning that the sun never gets to illuminate it. Fortunately, the beautiful stream clouds above it got some nice colours. As a nice touch, the lake was frozen with some patterns that reflect the in shape the cloud formation above. Not to mention that the pattern provide a nice leading line into the picture.

Frozen Shore

Frozen Shore - Canon 5D, 17-40f/4, 24mm@f/11, manual blending of 2 exposures at 1/13 and 0.8, ISO 100.

The picture is a manual blend of two exposures for controlling the dynamic range. I had to clone our some footprints left there my my dog Alcantara.

All in all, I think that this is one of the best pictures from this location! And I’m not saying this because it is mine. đŸ˜‰




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One Response to “Frozen Shore”

  1. Nell T. Bentley Says:

    Go now! Amazing Fall color on this hike. We got to the trail head at 8:30am. There were 5 other cars there. The trail up to Snow lake starts out fairly level but after about a mile you begin to ascend steadily until the crest overlooking Snow Lake. The trail to Gem Lake skirts the side of Snow Lake and is well marked. I read a previous review on here where someone said the trial up to Gem Lake was “more or less level.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The trail actually ascends and descends around Snow Lake before gaining roughly 750-1,000 feet to Gem Lake. All trails were pretty rocky but in great shape. Snow Lake is nice but Gem Lake is a real beauty and the colors on this hike got better the further we went. My wife and I hiked Maple Pass Loop last weekend and for my money this hike had better color and was MUCH more peaceful. By the time we made it back to the car at 3:30pm there were 30 cars in the lot so I think a lot of other people felt like us and tried to squeeze in another hike before the rains hit. Really a beautiful hike today in full sun throughout the day and a wonderful hike to end out hiking season on.

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