The Wolf Falls

Here is the last image that I made at the gorge of the Wolf Falls. And it is about the falls itself. The picture featured in this post was taken on a third visit (fortunately I live really close to this place). Again with my welly boots on I waded into the gorge. On a previous visit, I took some shots of the falls on the left bank of the stream. I was not that exited about them. So this time I decide to try to find a more balanced composition on the right bank of the stream. This required another cross of the stream to reach the opposite bank bank.

The Wolf Falls - Canon 5D, 17-40f/4, 17mm@f/11, manual blending of 3 exposures. I took two exposure at ISO 100 of 6 sec and 1.3 sec for the main image. To retain details in the moving water in the foreground I took a third shot at ISO 400 and 0.8 sec.


I found this nice boulder that was lighter in colour respect to the rest of the rocks. It was partially covered with water that was reflecting the blue of the sky. The dry patches didn’t look that good, so I used some leaves in the water to make the boulder wet and shining! I also picked one of the leaves around the bank and placed it on the boulder.

I think that I’m quite satisfied with this small portfolio. Now let’s wait for the real cold to come this winter and see if the falls will freeze. This would make an interesting subject.



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