Following the Autumn

The season it is at its peak. The colours are gorgeous and giving my limited time I’m trying to get the best out of it.

Last Thursday, with a colleague of mine, we went to Val di Genova, a very pretty valley in the Adamello National Park. The only problem was timing. We went for capturing the sunset. The valley is crossed by a 10km one-track road that takes you to the bottom of the valley. The only problem was that it is closed and of course we didn’t know. So, what was a 10 minutes ride changed in a 45 min walk. Basically we just got there to catch some of the last light in the peaks.

Below is one picture captured just as the sun was kissing the far peaks. I intentionally kept the green trees dark to enhance the colours of the larches. The details of the rivers are from two different exposures: one full polarised and another with no polarisation to capture the reflection in the water.

Fallowing the Autumn

Following the Autumn - Canon 5D, 24-105L, 24mm@f/11, blending of three exposure to handle the dynamic range using Tony Kuyper's Luminosity Masks.

Yesterday we got the first real snow and this weekend more snow is forecasted. So I hope that the leaves cling on to the trees for just a couple of more days.





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